Faith For A Mate

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For single women futilely awaiting the pursuit of a good man, Faith for a Mate is an animated course, which delivers a strong, biblical, counter-cultural message about finding a mate.

The lack of single men in church is only one of several reasons why single women find it difficult to meet and marry a suitable man. This course identifies additional reasons using the lens of scripture.

Based on the stories of three women of the Bible, the course uncovers hidden truths from the text, helps single women identify blind spots in their relationship quest, and leads students towards authentic faith for a mate.

Popular Bible passages such as “He who finds a wife..” (Proverbs 18:22) are also analyzed, compared, and contrasted, and the conclusions drawn might surprise you.

The course was developed from the best seminar material created by the Single Adult Ministry of New Testament Church of God, one of the longest running singles ministries in the UK.

After completing the course, continue the conversation with our Faith for a Mate podcasts. Links to the course and podcast pages are below.


What's included

  • Videos
  • Notes


  • Computer or Smartphone
  • Internet connection


  • Single women in church who are finding it difficult to meet a suitable man for marriage.
  • Anyone with an interest in the theme, e.g. those who regularly advise single women.
  • Those who place high value on scripture as a guide for relationships today.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn through the power of Bible stories the types of actions that initiate relationships.
  • Be life coached by Abraham, Jethro, Naomi, Solomon, Agur, Paul and James.
  • Understand why women are failing to meet prospective husbands today.
  • Change your thinking and behaviour and see potentially rapid results.


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